A love story never told


A love story never told,
So odd and that much old,
No princess is here and no prince,
The love story started in a glance.
The girl was little and yet to grow,
Love was what, she even didn’t know.
Dark in the evening, when everybody left,
She enjoyed the ride alone with a drift .
The sun was about to die,
Down the horizon, where it lie.
That fine cold evening has planned different for her,
She found a photo of moron stuck in her gown’s feather,
She took a close glance of it,
A boy clad in white skin with brown hair was he,
She remembered the boy met a week ago,
He was same who fought with her for a ice cream glow.
Though the boy was little stolid ,
She liked his brown eye’s frolic.
Mother natureĀ  laughed again and again,
On seeing the fellow’s girl’s game.

As by and by,twenty years sold,
She was to marry,loaded in golds.
She loved a intercaste, but never told,
Atlast against her father’s wish,
she ran with the boy Irish .
She couldn’t, she didn’t ; make it hoard.
She returned empty handed leaving her lovers boat.
She winced a little, cried a lot,
Like in every hindi cinema’s plot.
The decorum was maintained and it will be,
Same as her sisters, she was married to a healthy suitor arrangely .
A strange man, a new life is what she was to face.
The boy seem fake to her from his innocence.
With time and tide she didn’t got happy with him,
Its not the end where it seems.

He wanted to give relationship a chance,
If not beloved, at least friendship romance.
But she was determined to end the knot,
She felt it hard to cope up with that beggot.

Finally after a six months the Lucky day arrived ,
She knew she is free, so she spent the last night quite .
She rested in the bed with a pour of smile,
He didn’t knew what to feel, so he read her books a mile. .
In some pages of murder and mystery,
He found a old torn history.
It was a still of a young boy in his teen,
He can’t keep but asked about its meaning . .
She said “it was my love, a 20 year ago”
“That mean, when you were kid ;your first love offcourse”
The day being last, conversation grew. .
Clock stuck one ,nobody ever knew.

In the morning when she wake,
A cup of coffee with bread was beside her bed.
The man was vanished and nowhere seen.
The girl was happy even knowing she has been mean.
That still was there and a diary of pic…
She opened the bookmarked page; glow in her cheek.
There was something that too strange.
Entry read: “I met a girl so rage
Little mad and little crazy,
I liked her from her very touch ,
Even after 20 years, she is remembered much.
Today I’m marrying someone else,
Sorry babes, I’m bind to my ailing father’s will.
I proved myself good to him,
But to you I’m so evil being ,”
With tears spot and tore page the quote ended,
She remembered the date, it was when they were mended.
The next page was never felt,
But a pic attached with a shiny nail.
On the pic was some red scribble,
It was her teen pic in horizon,
Written,” clicked when I met that girl “
This was fine to prove that same boy was he.
Whom she never loved for him.
Now the tear rolled down her cheeks,
Warm was it, heated the earth’s breast. .

The story that never told,
So young and so bold..

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