Two words…

They say me that “before opening a blogging account you need to have a skill and yes a theme too”,but I contrdict them why should I follow a theme or something else to describe the purely me,who am I. I am who I am.
I am a student so I think I know how awesome it feels when we break some rules (however it doesn’t mean to be unethical) though for just fun.Let me confess something .Before opening this blog site I had nothing in my mind drafted. Even I don’t how will I carry it forward. But I think I know why I am here. Probably not to gain audience or either for earning money but to satisfy myself that I did what I actually wanted to do.Its something I call peace of heart.
I know I may fail,but the thing which fellow people call as ‘give it a try,once ‘ ,I want to do. And I will do.
In conclusion I just want to say that ,everyday is our initial day of learning so we should try to increase our self esteem through every possible things.
People say “it wasn’t my way so I failed”,some say i can’t do and some people burp other excuses without giving it a last damn try. I even failed a thousand times. Actually I call myself a ‘LOZER’, but I know I am champion in something. It may be not yet discovered, but it lies somewhere inside me. I need to find it.
Hope to keep the light lit.


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